Marco Riani, Professor of Statistics

      Univ. of Parma (ITALY)



FSDA Toolbox extends MATLAB and statistics toolbox to support a robust and efficient analysis of complex data sets.

FSDA was first released on March 2012.

Last update: MAY  30, 2018



FROM FSDA RELEASE 2017B, FSDA is downlaodable from the web site of the Interdepartment centre of Robust Statistics of the University of Parma  .


Installation Notes and download files

(all links refer to the web site )

LINK to the main documentation page of FSDA


In the Installation Notes (JUN 2018) we tried to document all that you have to expect when FSDA is installed manually by unpacking the compressed tar file FSDA.tar.gz, or automatically with our setup program for Windows platforms.

Download FSDA A setup executable for MS Windows platforms will install the toolbox and update the search path of your local MATLAB installation.

Download a compressed tar file of the toolbox, suitable for Unix platforms installation. In this case, you have to add manually FSDA folder and sub-folders to the MATLAB path or use our routine addFSDA2path.

Download a working paper describing the main characteristics of the FSDA toolbox or see Riani, Perrotta, Torti (2012).